May 10, 2009 · For our purposes, APRS is 1200 baud and the default settings will be fine. Cable time: Because I’m super impatient, I scrounged the house looking for a 6-pin mini din connector. “Hey, that PS/2 keyboard / mouse connector looks like it could do the trick!” Stations currently moving · User guide · FAQ · Blog · Discussion group · Linking to · AIS sites · Service status · Database statistics · Advertising on · Technical details · API · Change log · Planned changes · Credits and thanks · Terms Of Service · iPhone/iPad APRS
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  • FT-991(A) settings for APRS. In order to use the TinyTrak4 with your FT-991(A), you will need to set the following menu items: 062 DATA MODE - PSK; 076 FM PKT PTT SELECT - DAKY; 077 FM PKT PORT SELECT - DATA; 078 FM PKT TX GAIN - 50; 079 FM PKT MODE - 1200; Set a frequency of 144.800MHz and the mode of DATA-FM. A low squelch setting is also useful; and you do not need the volume up for the TinyTrak to work.
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  • The evaluation version has all the functionality of the licensed version, but discards all the settings you make, each time you close the program. This program relies on Tiger Maps for detailed mapping. I was able to input all the needed settings for this program, and talk to my PK-88, and begin receiving APRS plots and messages immediately.
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  • The windows configuration tool is in the archive above. I didn’t want to start up a VM each time to change the config so I wrote a simple python tool AP510-setup to configure it. You’ll need to edit the script to change the comport, callsign and other settings. I’ve licensed it GPL V2 and please send me any improvements you make to the ...
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  • TH-D72a APRS / FTM-350R / Yaesu FT-90R . Kenwood TH-D72a. go to General Hints & Tips Page. below is a pic of a TH-D72a with the case removed. Between the volume control and antenna jack is the custom built GPS receiver: APRS & GPS . Setup for APRS-GPS Operation
In this video I will show you how to quickly setup the APRS on your Yaesu FTM-400XDR! Then I will quickly show you the APRS.FI website. ⬇ Other Links ⬇Chann...KENWOOD APRS RADIO SETTINGS If you operate either the Kenwood TH-D7A, TH-D72, TM-D700, or TM-D710 APRS-capable radios, you know how easy it is to reach over and change the periodicity of your transmissions, and the outgoing path. As a default resource, your settings should be WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 at once every two minutes or so.
APRS Passcode Generator. Important: Do not use fake callsigns to inject content into the APRS-IS network you will likely get banned. APRS deviation. 3/20/2010 0 Comments The following is an exhange on the Aprssig mailing list about how to setand the deviation for 1200baud packet radio. I found ...
Apr 09, 2009 · Other settings Use the menu Configure->UI , Restart tab, to set the aspect ratio of the waterfall display and whether or not you want to dock a second digiscope to the main window. Use the menu Configure->IDs item to set whether you wish to transmit RSID data at the start of each over (this is for the benefit of others and does not affect RSID ... All ULTIMETER Weather Stations are APRS-Ready, for Amateur Radio applications.. APRS ("Automatic Packet Reporting System", please refer to website of WB4APR, Bob Bruninga for more info on APRS) is an amateur radio technology by which compact packets of data, such as position data or weather data, is transmitted from a weather station for the benefit of emergency management, or to provide data ...
This amateur radio web site explains how to use the AGWPE utility program to send and receive packet using the sound card of your PC instead of a TNC. It offers: general information about packet, instructions for configuring AGWPE and some compatible packet programs; advice about building or buying a sound card-to-radio interface; and troubleshooting advice Welcome to the Maine APRS Tier 2 full feed Server. Users wishing to send APRS data through the Maine Tier 2 Server enter the following in the UI-View APRS server setup. ;Maine Full Feed
Oct 26, 2009 · APRS is now setup on your Kenwood to use the Nuvi. I just want to point out one more menu. Under the AUX at the main menu (one prior to APRS). From AUX, go to menu 529. There is nothing to change here. I just want to show that if you have the A-side setup for APRS it will show this INT ernal DATA BAND A-BAND PinPoint APRS is a free software application that (together with some radio equipment and accessories) allows you to visually track people and assets using Amateur Radio ('Ham Radio') equipment using maps. PinPoint is developed by Frank Watervoort - AB0WV.
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  • Ford power steering pump diagramThe D7 works well for driving around town where there is good APRS coverage, but it was very sketchy in the rural areas. I had a FT-8800R, and I decided to sell it and purchase the new Yaesu dual band model, the FTM-350AR. APRS is a breeze on the 350, especially with the internal FGPS-1 installed. Here is a picture of the installation:
  • Lucky chikuwa songs free downloadBuild this battle-tested rig to launch, track, and recover a high-altitude balloon that will carry your hacked Canon camera to the stratosphere. With this setup using APRS ham radio and the Trackuino — an Arduino-based communications board — any hobbyist or science class can photograph (and video) the Earth against the blackness of space, and bring these amazing images home to share.
  • 350z egr deleteNov 14, 2016 · The APRS-K2 cable uses a virtual TNC found in several apps, such as APRSDroid,, and Pocket Packet. Plug in the cable, turn on the VOX, and you’re pretty much set to go. Product Description BTECH APRS-K2 TRRS / APRS Cable A simple way to start using APRS by using devices you already own.
  • Tessellation gamesAPRS Signal Path: This setting describes the signal path an APRS packet transmitted by your DMR-6X2 will take. A setting of “WIDE1-1WIDE2-1” is suggested for this setting. For more information on APRS signal paths, see APRS: SSIDs, Paths, and Beacons. Transmission Frequency: 144.390 MHz is the most common APRS frequency in the U.S.
  • Rotten supply acronymThe only settings that will works for APRS are 240 (F0h) and 0 (00h). UIPID enables frame filtering based on the PID (Protocol Identifier). The default setting of 240 filters packets with a PID of 240 (F0h).
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  • Pottery marks beginning with aAug 03, 2016 · Included in my setup is a signalink USB and a old laptop running windows XP that has CAT control over the radio. I've been itching to dabble in APRS for some time now and a FTM-400xdr is in the future for my mobile rig.
  • Ball state apparelThe windows configuration tool is in the archive above. I didn’t want to start up a VM each time to change the config so I wrote a simple python tool AP510-setup to configure it. You’ll need to edit the script to change the comport, callsign and other settings. I’ve licensed it GPL V2 and please send me any improvements you make to the ...
  • Pepsiven 9147678600APRS Server Setup. APRS Local Display Setup. APRS Options Setup. APRS. Typical Telpac or RMS Packet (Winlink) Host Setup. Telpac (Winlink) Monitor Display.
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Fill-in Digi Settings The WIDEn-N paradigm settings are an attempt to optimize the APRS network using the currently available hardware. There are certainly better ways to build an APRS network, but until we can get the hardware needed to do the job in place, the NWAPRS group is suggesting that these settings be used.

The location of the repeater(s) is also sent to the APRS network. In addition it is possible to connect the D-RATS program to the gateway to allow users of D-RATS on their D-Star radios to access all of the features of D-RATS including chat and e-mail. * APRS is a registered trademark Bob Bruninga, WB4APR. Community. The user community continues to grow since the launch in 2014. The first year, the gateway processed 400 messages, 6000 in 2015 and we are now processing an average of 3000 messages per month.Note 1: APRS uses specific frequencies for transmission, which vary by location. Check to find out which frequency is the correct one for your area. Note 2: When transmitting over the airwaves, avoid using the 1-minute transmission rate setting on the APRS datalogger for long periods of time, as it tends to clutter the APRS band.